11-19 Practitioner Newsletter 25 – Oct 2017

It is my absolute pleasure to write the welcome for this edition of the
Darlington 11-19 Practitioner Newsletter.
It is an even greater pleasure to read that over 359 of our youngsters
have recieved in some in some part, a mention in this edition.
The diverse range of accolades is fantastic too, from
Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College and Carmel College to Wyvern Academy
Presenting on BBC News, to the amazing individual achievements of Bridie and Dylan

Darlington is a very special place bursting with talented, aspirational young
and is literally overflowing with the best

practitioners in the industry.Individuals who came into the educational area to make a difference, leave a footprint
to instill a sense of belief, and to of course, change lives.
Our practitioners skillfully unravel the uniqueness of each and everyone of the young
people in our schools.