All admissions to Wyvern Academy are managed by Darlington Borough Council. Parents or carers living in the borough of Darlington can apply for their year 6 children to secure a place at Wyvern Academy by completing the online application form. Applications for September 2016 are now closed, with September 2017 next on the schedule.

Admissions Policy – add link when policy is online

Late Applications

Parents or carers of children can learn about the admissions process by contacting the Schools Admissions Team at the Town Hall on 01325 388812. The team can be contacted for late admissions, while it is also possible for children at other secondary schools in Darlington to try and secure a transfer.

Making Appeals

During the admissions process, parents or carers may be informed that Wyvern Academy is full. In such instances, the School Admissions Team will be able to provide clear advice on the appeals process.

Transferring to Wyvern Academy

Parents or carers need to inform the staff of their child’s current school to discuss the prospect of a transfer to our school. They will be able to provide an application form that needs to be filled out and submitted. The Schools Admissions Team will then handle the process.

In-Year Fair Access Protocols

Specific protocols are in place to ensure that unplaced children, especially the most vulnerable, will quickly receive a place at a suitable school to ensure their education does not suffer. All secondary schools in Darlington have a responsibility to help provide places for behaviourally challenged children. Consequently, these children take a higher priority than those on the waiting list who are already at other Darlington secondary schools.

Parents and carers can request further clarification whenever required by calling on 01325 351377 or emailing to