English & Literacy

At the start of their secondary career, students already have the foundations for being effective communicators and readers. Our curriculum aims for students to continue and master these skills through studying a range of texts and contexts.

Key Stage 3
The Key Stage 3 curriculum has been developed to cover a range of reading, writing and speaking and listening assessments throughout the year that focus on key skills. These are revisited throughout each year to develop confidence and mastery as students work towards GCSE.

Key Stage 4
At Key Stage 4, English Language and Literature are both examined and assessed by AQA. Across the key stage, key literary texts are analysed and evaluated, whilst the skills introduced to pupils throughout Key Stage 3 are developed. Alongside novels and plays, non fiction and media texts are used to help stimulate creative writing as well as help students to appreciate the significance of language and its power in the past and in our world today.

The department has a wide variety of resources and opportunities to enhance what is learnt in the classroom. With theatre trips and workshops to help bring literature to life through to creative writing and drama clubs to enable students to pursue their ambitions, the department also run numerous intervention sessions to support those outside of lessons too. House competitions are also used to help encourage all students to interact with literacy skills including a spelling bee and literature quizzes as well as literacy tasks in tutor time too.

How can you help your child to get the most out of the fiction that they are reading?