GCSE Geography



Specification B takes an enquiry approach to a range of contemporary geographical and environmental issues which are organised into three broad themes:



Changing Places

Changing Economics. Here students will cover key ideas such as ‘Urbanisation in contrasting global cities’ and ‘A global perspective on development issues’

Changing Environments

Here students may cover ideas such as ‘Shaping the landscape – coasts and coastal management’ and examine ‘Climate Change – cause and effect’

Environmental Challenges

ideas such as ‘Ecosystem under threat’ and ‘Water supply and demand’ will be studied



 Further information


 The Geography course at Wyvern Academy is useful for a number of career areas. These include land manager, property developer, tourist information officer, town planner, travel agent, transport manager, weather forecaster, army, navy, navigator, pilot, air host/hostess, archaeologist and many more. 

The course is also an excellent option to have should you be unsure what you want to study further as it shows that you have a strong work ethic and will easily allow access to many different routes. It also gives pupils a range of important skills including fieldwork, research, presentation skills, completing investigations and enquiries, discussion and the use of thinking skills techniques to assist learning.