In KS3 Geography is taught in sets and covers topics which will form the basic skills, knowledge and understanding required for GCSE.

The topics covered include:
Year 7: Geographical Skills, Exploring England, Settlement, Weather & Climate and Transport
Year 8: Hazards, Weathering, Rivers & Coasts, Primary Activities, Secondary Activities, Environmental                    Concerns, Italy and Brazil
Year 9: Natural Environments, Tourism, Population, Development, Japan and Kenya

In KS4 Geography follows the Eduqas syllabus for GCSE and are taught in mixed ability option groups.  The GCSE course has a fieldwork requirement where pupils must complete a piece of Human and a piece of Physical Geography fieldwork following an educational visit to collect primary data.  The GCSE is split into 3 examination papers at the end of year 11 (Paper 1 is Physical, Paper 2 is Human and Paper 3 is fieldwork).  The three themes covered by the course are:

  • Changing Place-Changing Economies
  • Changing Environments
  • Environmental Challenges