ICT & Business Studies

Technology is now a constant in everyday life, and it is vital for the children of today to get the best possible start in becoming ICT-literate. Wyvern Academy makes this happen by introducing year 7s to the basics of computers before covering text and graphics ahead of progressing to the concept of programming.

In year 8, pupils are given the opportunity to investigate programming in greater depth. By the time year 9 begins, pupils will be ready to take their learning further by developing skills in hardware, software, programming and logic. The pupils who perform strongest during Key Stage 3 will be ready to take their learning of ICT into Key Stage 4.

The GCSE syllabus will challenge pupils and provokes computational thinking, taking problem solving to a new level. Python is our coding language of choice throughout the GCSE. We believe this part imperative, part object orientated coding language gives our pupils the well rounded programming skills they need to become the great programmers of tomorrow!

Business studies is a subject with tremendous potential for pupils who aspire to eventually study topics like economics, marketing and finance at Key Stage 5 and university. The time spent learning the basics will give pupils an invaluable head-start when they later move on to their further and higher education in business.

These highly informative classes begin in year 9, when pupils will be educated by teachers with a comprehensive understanding of business. Among the topics covered will be ownership, marketing, finance and economics.

Wyvern Academy also enables pupils to study business at GCSE level. Many of the same business topics are covered in Key Stage 4, but these are explored in much greater depth. At this stage, the subjects are comprised of ownership, marketing, finance, enterprise and recruitment – the core building blocks of a business education.

You can enquire about any aspect of ICT and business studies at by phone, email or calling in to speak to member of the department.