Modern Foreign Languages

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein (Austrian-British philosopher. 1889-1951)

The Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Department at Wyvern Academy aims to inspire students to embark on a life-long enjoyment of languages and an understanding, interest, respect and empathy for other nationalities and cultures.
We are committed to the development of study skills which will promote confidence among our students and enable each individual to achieve his or her potential in all four language areas: listening, reading, speaking and writing.
Learning foreign languages is becoming increasingly important in the global market, and success in a language can help a student have an advantage when trying to secure that all important job. Learning a language can also help the student gain brain training skills, as well as helping improve communication, analysis and appreciation of other cultures. A language is a useful subject to combine with other subjects, for example, Business Studies, accounting, law and marketing, as well as tourism.
Following a course in Modern Foreign Languages should encourage you to:
Develop the ability to communicate effectively in the MFL through speaking and writing
Develop the ability to listen to, read and understand the language
Develop your knowledge and understanding of the grammar of the MFL
Develop your knowledge and understanding of the countries and communities where the MFL is spoken
Develop a foundation for further study and/ or practical use of the MFL
A qualification in foreign languages can lead to a career in:
– Journalism
– Law
– Teaching
– Translation
– Interpreting
– Travel and tourism
– Speech therapy
– Charity work
– Marketing
– Finance
– Banking
– Linguistics
– Buying
– Distribution
– Trade