Physical Education plays a pivotal role in supporting Wyvern Academy ability to develop pupils who are confident, creative thinkers ready to take their lives and physical fitness forward in exciting new ways. Wyvern Academy uses PE to help pupils build social and personal skills that will support academic progression.

Young people are naturally energetic and need regular activity if they are to maintain focus in the classroom. Every week will feature dedicated PE time to allow pupils to expend their energy and build team-working skills whilst also staying healthy and supporting their academic studies. Wyvern Academy will help pupils develop an appreciation for exercise that will also benefit them as adults.

Opportunities outside of lesson times allow pupils to explore their various sporting interests. For this reason, Wyvern Academy provides pupils with a diverse selection of extra curricular sporting activities to enjoy outside of the classroom and interact with friends. Each week, pupils can participate in the likes of football, netball, rugby, swimming, dance, cycling and badminton.

All pupils attend PE classes during Key Stage 3 years to provide them with the regular activity that their minds and bodies need. PE classes then continue into Key Stage 4. However, some pupils will continue PE for fitness, while the second group will prepare for Examination PE in Year 10 and 11 (BTEC Sport / GCSE PE)

Ideally, the pupils who study BTEC Sport / GCSE will be driven to compete seriously in at least one of our many sports clubs. Performance forms a major component of assessment and pupils need to have a sport in which they excel. Those who study BTEC Sport / GCSE PE will also develop invaluable leadership skills to help them coordinate large groups of people and communicate instructions.

Our dedicated teaching staff are here if you need to discuss any aspect of our PE classes, from Key Stage 3 all the way to GCSE. You can also get in touch for details about our many sports clubs and extra curricular activities.