Our philosophy within the science department at Wyvern Academy is Science for all.

We believe that science has something to suit pupils of all abilities and aspirations. We strive to produce pupils who can make informed decisions based on scientific evidence, who are enthusiastic and curious about science and see the value of it in their everyday lives. We will challenge and change pupils’ misconceptions that they “don’t need science”, “can’t do science” and “science isn’t for them”.
Pupils will see that every aspect of their lives is determined or influenced by science from the toothbrush they use to the clothes they wear. STEM subjects work closely together to strengthen pupil understanding and encourage application of knowledge. The possible careers influenced by science are limitless but include engineers, dietician, radiographer, doctor, vet, optician, mechanic, hairdresser, chef.
Science is a core subject that all pupils will study throughout their time at Wyvern Academy. In years 7 and 8 pupils will be taught the KS3 curriculum. It will build upon key skills needed for KS4 including application of knowledge to unfamiliar contexts, analytical skills make predications and explain phenomena and is based around 10 big idea headings: Forces, Electromagnetism, Energy, Waves, Matter, Reactions, Earth, Organisms, Ecosystems and Genes. Each idea contains 4 smaller topics which are the building blocks for the big idea. By connecting smaller ideas to more abstract ones, pupils will be better prepared to apply these concepts when approaching unfamiliar topics. Pupils will be assessed using end of topic examinations as well as class work and homework.
From year 9 onwards, pupils will study the KS4 curriculum. This provides more curriculum time to deepen the understanding of pupils and improve their progress. We have chosen to follow the AQA combined science trilogy course which will lead to pupils gaining 2 GCSEs. The course is divided into Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics with scientific skills threading throughout all of them as there are now 21 compulsory practicals for pupils to undertake at KS4. At the end of yr 11, pupils will sit 6 exam papers; there is no coursework for science. The science department also offers separate sciences as an option.