Labour Market Information

Labour market information tells you about what is happening in the job market at national, regional and local levels and includes information about jobs and salaries, what skills employers are looking for in different industrial sectors, conditions, communities and future trends.

LMI can be confusing and difficult to find. Here are some of the best places to look for accurate and up to date information about our local area.

The Tees Valley Skills Portal

The Tees Valley Skills Portal is an online resource that helps individuals and employers gain access to a range of resources and support on employment, careers, learning, skills and labour market intelligence in Tees Valley

Careers in Tees Valley

There are a wide range of career opportunities in Tees Valley across all our key sectors, as well as our growing sectors. Full details and up to date information can be found at the following website.


Labour market information, focussing mainly on Durham, Tyne and Wear, Gateshead and Newcastle.

The BITC Infographic for the North East is an excellent source of information about the North east labour market.

Labour Market information