Wyvern Academy is an inspiring learning environment for 11-16s. Wyvern Academy has the learning strategies in place to help every pupil to achieve their full potential.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Every pupil who enters Wyvern Academy will be evaluated to determine if they require additional support. This is a critical foundation of our school, as Wyvern Academy has an ethos that seeks to maximise opportunities and minimise barriers. To make this happen, we ensure that Wyvern Academy is a school where every last pupil feels included.

SEND pupils at our school love that they feel part of daily school life. This social fulfilment enables them to flourish. Parents and carers can expect the most effective balance between group and individual support determined by the needs of the pupil.

An expertly trained group of specialist staff members have a range of tools at their disposal to provide highly effective, individualised SEND support. These include quality-first teaching, Individual Access Plans, the Support Hub and extra curricular activities.

Most Able Programme

Rising Stars is the programme in place at Wyvern Academy for identifying and supporting the most able and talented pupils who attend the school. The broad scope of the Rising Stars programme enables our staff to clearly identify pupils who display academic or other ability that exceeds that of their age group.

The purpose of the programme is to ensure that more able and talented pupils are supported to make the most of their abilities. This is made possible by providing them with much greater challenges than those encountered by their classmates as well as enriching opportunities outside of lessons.

Sporting pupils are encouraged to reach special heights such as representing their district, county or even their country. Of course, this sporting success must not be at the expense of their academic results. Wyvern Academy has a clear structure in place to ensure that pupils can also succeed in the classroom.

You can ask about our inclusive learning environment by contacting us.