STEM stands for Science Technology and Maths and its mission statements include:

  • Broadening the horizons of our students to possible STEM-related careers.
  • Bridging gender gaps sometimes found in maths and science fields.
  • Forging links with local industries.
  • Developing links with local primary schools.
  • Encouraging and blossoming our students love of STEM subjects.

Students participate in regular field trips. Where among other things, they see how STEM is employed within industry and how STEM relates to A-levels, University and beyond.

In addition, a thriving extra curricular STEM club is held after school once a week. During STEM club, students are able to extend and indulge their love of STEM subjects, by learning subject material which is beyond the standard curriculum, participating in live web chats with real-life engineers and promoting STEM throughout the school. STEM Ambassadors occasionally visit during club time to speak and interact with the students and past STEM Ambassadors have included people involved in motorsport, archaeology, geology and medicine.

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