Wyvern Academy is more than a place where pupils learn – it is a place where the growth of character and mind is at the heart of everything we strive for.  Our school has a friendly and warm atmosphere with high expectations and a clear focus on achievement where Excellence and opportunity are our key values.

Our school motto, ‘Nunquam cedo’ (never yield), is historically connected to the Branksome community, being the inscription on the family crest of the prominent local family whose home was on the school’s current site in the last century and who generously bequeathed the land upon which the current school is built.  This motto is enshrined within our vision to provide Excellence and opportunity for all at all times.

We are proud of our local heritage and embrace the pivotal role we play within our community.

We aim to inspire and challenge our pupils to grow into responsible citizens who are equipped with the life skills, academic success, confidence and resilience to go out and shape tomorrow’s world.

Since our core purpose is to ensure Excellence and opportunity and in doing so develop the whole child, the acronym GROWTH is utilised in all academic and pastoral vision statements. With that in mind…

OUR AIMS are to give every child the chance to have / develop…

  • Grit – resilience and determination are all qualities we instil in our young people. While aiming to secure academic success is of paramount importance, we aim to educate the whole child and equip our young people with life skills.
  • Responsibility – and taking ownership of their own choices is modelled and encouraged at each step of their school journey, so that they can confidently take an active, rewarding and fulfilling place in the community.
  • Opportunities – and leadership skills to bring their dreams to reality. Through personalised individual attention our learners are confident and creative thinkers, ready to take the next step in their lives.
  • Wisdom – imparted and gained through a variety of engaging experiences and activities, in and beyond the classroom, gives our pupils the confidence to follow their dreams and make informed life choices.
  • Thinking Tools – that stimulate imagination, logical deduction, investigation, problem solving skills and the ability to work flexibly with ICT and new technologies.
  • High Achievement – and ambition for every young person is a right every young person should be afforded. By encouraging self-motivation, supporting well-being and through the academic and pastoral systems we deploy at Wyvern Academy we aim to secure success for every pupil.